Trina Olson

Co-founder and CEO

Company: Team Dynamics LLC
Role: Session Presenter

2019 Conference Session: Bodies, Gender, Sexuality and the Workplace (SEM-A)
2020 Conference Session: Bodies, Gender, Sexuality and the Workplace (SEM-B)
Post: Podcast Ep. 40 – The Ubiquity of Masculine Leadership Traits

(pronunciation tip: Tree – nuh)

Trina leads Team Dynamics’ curriculum development; concretizing the tools and resources our clients need to thrive.

Trina Olson is a two-time executive director with a track record of building and retaining teams across race, gender, and sexual orientation to achieve shared goals. Trina has built an impressive portfolio of national and regional policy and advocacy experience, centering a multitude of progressive issues, including: healthcare, hunger, living wage, immigration reform, transgender inclusive non-discrimination, and more. Trina is an expert adult-educator who has supported teams around the country to both improve their workplace culture and performance.

Trina is a Minnesotan who has also made her home in eighteen U.S. cities, including: Seattle, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. A queer, white, cis-gender woman, Trina is motivated by the ways job creators could be addressing the intersection of identity and workplace more creatively and consistently to address the pervasive inequities still at play across race and gender, in particular.

Trina is a frequently called upon thought leader and presenter. She specializes in all things staff management and organizational strategy. Trina’s past executive experience includes time leading a regional community foundation, as well as leading Immigration Equality, the national organization committed to providing free legal services to LGBTQ+ asylum seekers, binational couples, and detainees. Trina has used her degree in communications to design winning fundraising, communications, and issue campaigns.

Trina is the author of Fairness in Philanthropy, Leveling the Playing Field for Our LGBTQ Neighbors, as well as, Seeking Safe Haven: LGBTQ People and the American Immigration Experience. Together, Trina and Alfonso have co-written a soon to be released book entitled: Hiring Revolution: A Step-by-Step Guide to Disrupt Racism and Sexism in the Workplace.

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