Remembering Robby Gregg

Dec 18, 2018

It is with great sadness we mourn the passing of our dear friend, Robby Gregg.

Robby first connected with The Forum in the fall of 2002 when he provided a staff member from his company to help with conference registration and database organization. This contribution was pivotal in allowing The Forum to continue on. Without his generosity, we might not be here today. That was typical of his approach to everything: Robby saw where he could help, and he made it happen. Robby was also a wonderful connector. He knew so many people and kept in touch with them on a regular basis. He knew their successes and celebrated with them, but he also knew their dark days and comforted them.

Because of his amazing work on behalf of The Forum, we honored him with our 2018 Friend of The Forum Award. You can read about the presentation here.

In addition to being a recipient of the 2018 Friend of the Forum award, Robby served on The Forum’s Advisory Committee since 2016 and the 2019 Diversity Awards Committee.

I close in celebration of his life and in all the ways he touched so many people all over the world. Rest in peace, dear friend. Your journey has ended, but we will keep you with us in our hearts as we travel forward on our own paths.



Steve Humerickhouse

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