Executive Sponsors Fuel High-Performing ERGs

Executive Sponsors Fuel High-Performing ERGs


Time: September 20, 2018 11:00 am
Presenter: Jennifer Brown, Jennifer Brown Consulting

Smart teams fuel company growth, and these days, ERGs are driving the front lines of business
like never before. At the same time, the role of the Executive Sponsor has never been more critical
in supporting this value creation, and harnessing the potential of these tremendous leadership

From the pages of JBC’s white paper – Executive Sponsors Fuel High-Performance ERGs – Jennifer Brown, along with 1-2 executives who play the executive sponsor role for one or more groups within their organization, discuss how leadership can help to leverage the role of executive sponsors as powerful catalysts to accelerate ERG maturation and business alignment. Executive Sponsors have played an important role so far in helping ERGs create a compelling value proposition for the organizations that support them and for prospective members. Going forward, the role of executives will only increase. Learn rationales and methods for deploying Executive Sponsors who help company ERGs produce beneficial business results.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Find out the ways Executive Sponsors fuel high-performance ERGs
  • Learn how companies can drive innovation and improve their bottom lines by selecting, developing and investing in these transformative leaders
  • Explore metrics for measuring the effectiveness of an Executive Sponsor and a visionary call to action