The SkiNy on Generations in the Workplace: Current Best Practice Insights

Apr 17, 2019

Presenter: Pam McElvane, Diversity MBA (DMBA, Inc.)

Today companies are challenged with bridging the gap among generations in the workplace to both optimize performance and gain a competitive advantage. The reality is every generation places a different value on learning. Organizations need to gain a better understanding of how generational attitudes and behaviors impact productivity.

The 2018 Diversity MBA Inclusive Leadership Index (ILI) results uncovered some remarkable insights that are not openly discussed in the workplace. It is an advantage to use data to develop actionable solutions to gain understanding on how to socialize generations to work together. And for good reason, DMBA provides dynamic metrics that can support employees with quick, fast and simple solutions for achieving impactful outcomes. These solutions can be applied across your enterprise and business functions. The ILI is unique because it brings real-time insights that compare both industries and marketplace that will support your day-to-day decisions.

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