Activating Employees to Drive a Diverse, Inclusive Environment

When: September 19, 2019 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Level: Intermediate
Track: Innovation & Transformation
Presenter: Jane Kuhn, United Healthcare
Cost: Free
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Diversity & Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility at UnitedHealth Group (UHG). But how do you engage employees across a large, global organization to gain input and leverage their strengths and passion to drive an inclusive environment? UHG has created an engaging workplace through an organizational culture shift over the past 10 years, which has proven highly successful. During this journey, the organization identified four lessons learned: (1) Creation of Leadership Buy-in and Support; (2) Implementation of Learning and Development Opportunities; (3) Alignment of Human Resources Processes with Culture Transformation; and (4) Involvement of Employees throughout Transformation.

This session focuses on the power of employee involvement and ideas to activate employees to drive a diverse, inclusive environment. You will receive ideas and tools to activate employees to become champions for any major change initiative. In particular, UHG will highlight culture successes and opportunities to leverage lessons learned to drive our employee involvement strategies to drive inclusion.

Learning Outcomes
  • Explore options and exercises to activate employees to drive an organizational transformation
  • Align Diversity & Inclusion focus with business strategies and priorities
  • Identify employee communities to leverage and activate to support a major organizational shift

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