Culturally Intelligent Conversations – Building Global Connections Through Story Sharing

When: February 22, 2018
Level: Introductory
Track: Critical Employment Practices
Presenter: Simma Lieberman, Simma Lieberman Consulting

Problem: Diversity alone, without real inclusion and sense of community, can be a blueprint for silos, miscommunication and low productivity.

Whether working globally, nationally or locally, without building connection, developing relationships, or giving credibility to different experiences and perspectives, organizations, teams and workgroups will never be able to do their best work. They will never reap the tangible benefits of diversity. Looking good in the company photo is not good enough.

No matter how long people are at work, they want to feel part of something greater than themselves. Research shows that when employees feel like they belong to a community they are more willing to take risks, share ideas and collaborate. Everyone is more successful.

According to a study by the European Community Programme and Social Solidarity, diversity and inclusion lead innovation when three factors are in place—one of which is that people need to know each other and let go of preconceived assumptions and bias.

When people participate in culturally intelligent story sharing, they get to know each other and create a shared experience even when individual experiences are very different. Facilitated right, they are more likely to let go of assumptions and bias, build trust, make connections and feel safer participating. They share ideas and even disagree, which fosters a more inclusive environment where innovation and creativity can flourish. It prevents miscommunication, slow down and loss of productivity that can occur when people come from different cultures but don’t have a foundation for working together and solving problems.

While it’s easier when we are working face-to-face or even using video conference, it’s not always possible to see each other. Yet, we still need to connect and develop relationships with colleagues, co-workers or vendors. In fact, this is when it may be more crucial in order to work together and prevent incorrect assumptions and miscommunication.

Using a webinar format, we’ll talk about how to strategically use stories from our own backgrounds and get other people to share their stories to create connections, build relationships and sustain collaboration with people from any group, anywhere.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn a process to share stories in a way that builds connections, trust and collaboration.
  • Create tools to foster inclusive communities at work with people who are different, help get rid of silos, and engage people long distance.
  • Know how to develop strategies to quickly build relationships with other people, virtually or in person, and move teams toward innovation and inclusion.
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