DEI & Decision Making: The Undeniable and Unbreakable Connection

When: January 20, 2022
Level: Introductory
Track: D&I Strategy
Presenters: Nigel Vanderlinden, Powernoodle  |  Dave Debacker, Powernoodle

As is the case with much of the DEI evidence and expertise that exists, many organizations continue to operate without the benefit of the evidence and expertise in the realm of quality decision making. As a result, organizations and their stakeholders continue to fall short of their potential. The two realms could hardly be more closely connected as DEI supports and enables quality decisions while quality decision making enables and supports DEI.

This webinar will provide unique insights into the world of decision making today and highlight how DEI professionals – executives, leaders, practitioners, and consultants – are uniquely positioned to move organizations forward in both realms simultaneously; elevating their own brand and value proposition in the process. The session will also provide practical, evidence-based solutions that you can bring to action immediately.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn – the relationship between decision making and DEI; the state of decision making in organizations
  • Grow – Move forward in decision quality and DEI; elevating your own skills and your impact
  • Do – Practical solutions for creating diverse and inclusive decision-making in your own organization
Additional Files
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