Diversity Training DOES Work – When It is Education: An Organizational Case Study

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When: September 19, 2019 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Level: Intermediate
Track: D&I Strategy
Presenter: Mary-Frances Winters, The Winters Group, Inc.
Cost: Free

“Diversity training doesn’t work!” Sound familiar? There have been no shortage of studies, ‘think-pieces,’ and articles that have rendered diversity training ineffective or outdated. Perhaps there is some validity behind these claims regarding traditional approaches to diversity ‘training.’ However, in our experience we have seen some success, and this success is rooted in an approach that prioritizes ‘education,’ rather than training, and focuses on meeting people where they are. This session will present attendees with a model for designing & delivering high-impact, developmental diversity & inclusion education interventions within their organizations, leveraging MassMutual’s Diversity & Inclusion journey as a prototype and success story. What is the difference between education and training? What tools can be used to assess organizational readiness and measure the impact of D&I education? If diversity and inclusion education works–can we really prove it? Attendees will specifically walk away with a better understanding of diversity training vs. education, an organizational study that highlights the impact of diversity & inclusion education, and tools & tips for applying similar strategies within their organizations.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the differences between D&I ‘training’ and ‘education’
  • Explore how to assess organizational readiness and gauge the impact of diversity and inclusion education strategies
  • Leverage MassMutual’s journey to identify practical application and areas of opportunity within their organization

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