MassMutual’s D&I Journey: A Holistic Approach to Change

When: September 19, 2019
Level: Intermediate
Track: D&I Strategy
Presenters: Mary-Frances Winters, The Winters Group, Inc.  |  Peggy Nagae, WMFDP  |  Natalia Arbulu, MassMutual
Cost: Free

What does it take to create a leading organization in diversity and inclusion? In this webinar, you will learn how MassMutual is driving diversity and inclusion by focusing on insightful metrics, a system of accountability, and transformative education. Hear how MassMutual partners with White Men as Full Diversity Partners (WMFDP) to deliver learning labs focused on systemic privilege, as well as The Winters Group to measure leader cultural competence via the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), which provides insight into how people respond to cultural differences.

Learning Outcomes
  • How to take a holistic approach to D&I
  • The delicate art of gaining leadership buy-in
  • The importance of education and how education differs from training
  • How MassMutual uses metrics to effectively measure progress
Additional Files
Webinar slides - MassMutual’s D&I Journey: A Holistic Approach to Change - Download

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