Mastering Cultural Differences: Strategies for Leading a Global Workforce

When: May 27, 2021
Level: Introductory
Track: Global Diversity
Presenter: Dr. Luiza Dreasher, Mastering Cultural Differences
Cost: Free
With the trend toward a more diverse workforce continuing, so are the ways we conduct business.
In the past, most U.S. businesses functioned primarily within our borders. Today, globalization is proving to be a huge game changer for many companies, big and small. However, with globalization and increased immigration, the potential for misunderstandings in the workplace is really high.
Language and cultural differences may lead to miscommunication and misinterpretation, which could have severe unintended consequences.
In this interactive webinar, participants will understand the impact of cultural differences in the workplace, and learn strategies to bridge those differences effectively.
Learning Outcomes
  • Learn the importance of paying attention to cultural differences in the workplace
  • Recognize differences in communication styles
  • Apply strategies to communicate effectively with a global workforce
Additional Files
WORKBOOK - Mastering Cultural Differences - Download
Mastering Cultural Differences - FORUM 21 PRESENTATION - Download

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