Positioning Employees for Better Performance in a Global Workplace: Practices that Create Inclusion

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Level: Intermediate
Track: Global Diversity
Presenter: Dr. Luiza Dreasher, Mastering Cultural Differences

Workplaces today are becoming increasingly more diverse and, as a result, the practices and processes we use have had to change.

For example, it is not uncommon for a staff meeting today to have members sitting in different parts of the world. During a performance review, you provide constructive criticism to an employee with the intent of helping him improve his performance. Later on, you are surprised to find out he quit because of the loss of face your feedback inadvertently caused. In a staff meeting, you expect your employees to make suggestions, participate freely, and demonstrate they can take initiative. Yet, some members never ask questions, rarely participate, make no contribution to the project, and never voice any complaints. This baffles you because you know how talented they are. Welcome to the multicultural workplace!

Incentivizing performance in this global economy requires global savvy leaders and employees. In fact, our processes and practices must change in order to create a culturally diverse and inclusive work environment. The way we interview candidates, lead our teams, conduct performance evaluations, and communicate with culturally diverse clients and employees, to mention just a few processes, must reflect the needs and values of a global workforce.

In this Webinar, participants will learn how to adjust some of their organizational practices so they can create an environment that truly supports global diversity and inclusion.

Learning Outcomes
  • Participants will learn the three guiding principles related to cultural differences in the workplace.
  • Recognize how cultural differences impact common workplace processes such as the interview process, talent recognition, meeting behavior, and others.
  • Gain the skills to adjust their behavior and change their organizational practices to the cultural orientation of global employees and clients.

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