Women in Leadership: Engaging Global Women

When: June 20, 2018
Level: Intermediate
Track: Global Diversity
Presenter: Laraine Kaminsky, Global LK

Women’s participation in the global workforce has increased across industries and sectors, yet women remain underrepresented in business leadership roles worldwide. Although evidence shows that gender diversity contributes to improved performance and effectiveness within organizations, there remain many systemic and organizational barriers to women’s participation and inclusion in the workplace. Cultural expectations, norms and values further impact and inhibit the ability of women to advance to leadership positions.

There are strategies that both organizations and women themselves can employ to increase leadership opportunities in the workplace. During this engaging and informative webinar, we will draw on current and relevant research and examples to explore challenges and strategic opportunities for the advancement of women in leadership in the global workplace and marketplace.

Learning Outcomes
  • Increased intentionality toward engaging female talent in globally volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) times
  • Ability to apply cultural agility and a global mindset framework to gender-related cultural and communication challenges
  • Applicable strategies for overcoming personal, cultural and systemic barriers
Additional Files
Webinar Handouts - Download

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