When Our Identities Conflict – Learning to See and Hear Each Other Across Difference

May 26, 2021

Presenters: Bill Proudman, White Men as Full Diversity Partners/FDP Global  |  Hayward Bell, Raytheon Company RETIRED  |  Kimberly B. Davis, National Hockey League  |  Lee Tschanz, Rockwell Automation  |  Amy Wilczynski, Anderson & Rust – Borough of Allendale, NJ

What do we believe about ourselves as a people and country — the UNITED States of America? What values do we pass on to our children and their children’s children? What resonates for us, and why?

Join us for a moderated panel discussion that explores understanding our beliefs and values, what underwrites our political identities, and how to influence ourselves and our interactions in partnership and leadership across many difference points of view.

After the January 6 insurrection at the US Capital, an ideological and heartfelt battle took place in our mediascapes: Some cried, “This is not who we are!” while others replied, “Yes, it is. And it has been.”

How we define and understand ourselves and our country is deeply personal. For some of us, the contest over who we are sends us spiraling into our own perceived failings and blame. For others, it perpetuates generations-long feelings of oppression and silencing, an annihilation of self and community.

Our beliefs are often incomplete and based on how our parents and their parents viewed the world – what they valued, believed, and passed on to us as our cultural legacy. And, what we believe and how others share their beliefs touches the most profound parts of ourselves, influencing not only our political identities, but also how we enter into partnership, particularly across difference; how we lead; and how we feel we belong at work, at home, and in life.

To build inclusive and equitable workplaces, we have to be willing to deeply know ourselves and how our beliefs and values shape how we see and judge others. This self awareness is an underpinning of full partnership.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn how to deeply listen to hear and recognize the humanity in ourselves and each other
  • Embrace paradoxes of sameness and difference, individual and group
  • Explore how our mindsets are shaped by our beliefs and values (what underpins our political identities)
  • Challenge your mindset to see bigger and broader and to go deeper to the heart level
Additional Files

9 Tips for Initiating Difficult Conversations Across Difference – Download

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