32nd Annual Conference

March 10-12, 2020

Minneapolis Convention Center, Minnesota

Creating Inclusion Through Mentoring: Bridging Differences One Relationship at a Time

60-minute Workshops

Day 3

Session Code: S5-C
When: March 12, 2020
Location/Room: L100JIH
Level: Intermediate
Track: Critical Employment Practices
Presenter: Lisa Fain, Center for Mentoring Excellence


Creating meaningful mentoring relationships across difference is a win/win/win. It is a win for the organization because it improves business results, increases retention and raises morale. It is a win for mentors because they gain new perspectives and enhance their leadership skills. And, it is a win for mentees because they develop new relationships, learn new skills, and gain exposure to people, resources and opportunities.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to create an effective mentoring initiative that bridges differences and yields measurable and demonstrable results to support DEI efforts by: (A) fostering a mentoring culture; (B) building inclusive leadership skills; and (C) creating exposure, growth and learning for employees from groups that are underrepresented in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes
  • Recognize the four phases of a mentoring relationship
  • Learn how to apply skills for bridging differences and leveraging strategies that contribute to mentoring success
  • Create an action plan for integrating mentoring into DEI/leadership development initiatives

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