Branding Overview

These guidelines describe the visual and verbal elements that represent The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® organizational identity. This includes our name, logo, and other elements such as color, type, and graphics.

Sending a consistent and controlled message of who we are is essential to presenting a strong unified image of our organization.

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® brand, including the logo, name, and colors, are valuable assets.

Each of us is responsible for protecting the organization’s interests by preventing the unauthorized or incorrect use of The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® name and marks.

Because The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® is a program of Augsburg University, certain foundational aspects of The Forum on Workplace Inclusion’s® brand, like color palette and typography, is influenced and adopted by Augsburg University’s institutional brand identity. For more information about Augsburg University’s institutional brand identity, please visit

Download a PDF of The Forum on Workplace Inclusion’s Brand Guidelines


The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® logo mark is inspired by natural structures. Repeated stylized “F” assumes a form of a hexagon−symbol of perfect union, and the energetic emblem of integration− providing a strong foundation for advancing workplace cultures of inclusion.

The array of color diversifies the structure and creates circular motion between individual elements. The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® logo mark allows for infinite possibilities of intricate network creation with multiplications of the logomark.

A. Primary Logo
B. One Color Logo Variation
C. Logomark
D. Primary Logo and Tagline Lockup
E. Primary Logo and Augsburg University Lockup

Recommended formats are:
.eps | .ai | .png | .jpg | .tiff

Use of any stylized, animated, hand-drawn, or other versions of an unofficial logo is not permitted. This undermines the logo system and brand consistency. Please consult with The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® if you have any questions or need further help.

Usage Policy

The logo may only be reproduced in full color, 1 color, white, Cool Gray 9, and black.

Our logo can be used on various backgrounds, solid brand colors, photos etc. However, there must be adequate contrast.

Minimum Size

Whether using the primary or lockup versions of the logo, the minimum reproduction size for the logo is .5 inches high (36 pixels). Do not reproduce the logo below the minimum size.

Never stretch, skew, or distort the logo in any way.


Whenever you use the logo, it should be surrounded with clear space to ensure its visibility and impact. No graphic elements of any kind should invade this zone.

To work out the clearspace take the height of the logo and divide it in quarter. (Clearspace = Height / 4).

Incorrect Usage Examples

Never change the proportions of the logo vertically or horizontally or alter the appearance in any way.

Do not change the size relationship between the logo symbol and logo type.

Do not rotate or mirro.

Do not screen or recolor any elements of logo.

Do not alter the logo type style.


Primary Colors

Use them as the dominant color palette for all internal and external visual presentations of the organization. Other than Cool Gray 9, none of the other primary colors should be used as a tint.

Secondary Colors

Use them to accent and support the primary color palette.

PMS 158
CMYK 3 66 99 0
HEX #ee7624

PMS 209
CMYK 38 92 58 37
HEX #660033

PMS Cool Gray 9
CMYK 55 47 44 10
HEX #666666

PMS 1795
CMYK 0 94 100 0
HEX #d8262e

PMS 2925
CMYK 85 24 0 0
HEX #009bdf

PMS 377
CMYK 45 0 100 24
HEX #699e35

Typography/Font Setting

Open Source Fonts
Oswald should be used as web safe font alternative.

Primary Font

The official organizational font is Trade Gothic.

appear in all caps bold tracked at -40.

appear in all caps regular tracked at -20.

Intro copy
can be all caps or upper and lower in regular tracked at -20.

Short form body copy
is upper and lower in regular tracked at -20. Color is 70% black.

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion®
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Minneapolis, MN 55454
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