Forum Digital Short: Mississippi River Semester

“There is an element to this trip where we never leave class. It’s amazing to be able to have conversations with people that not only make you question and think about yourself and what you believe, but also think about what you have never thought about before. I have...

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When Food Brings Us Together: The Ventures of Chef Katie Chin

Although she grew up the daughter of the culinary savant, Katie Chin never imagined she would follow in her mother’s footsteps. Not once did she ever imagine that she would take on the role of “Chef” in any of her professional endeavors. Now, not only has she earned...

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The Road to Understanding: Embracing Spiritual Diversity

Najeeba Syeed was only three years old when her family emigrated to the United States. The family’s homeland, the Kashmir region in south Asia, has long been at the center of religiously centered violence. While she was too young to have a complete understanding of...

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