33rd Annual Conference

March 8-12, 2021


Paint and Process: Self-Care and Stress-Management Through Embodiment Artwork

75-minute Workshops

Day 3

Session Code: AW2-B
When: March 10, 2021
Level: Introductory
Track: Critical Employment Practices
Presenter: Rev. Dawn Bennett, The Table


What is your go-to method for processing stress, anxiety or confusing feelings at work? Do you talk, meditate, exercise, read, color? In this workshop we will combine all of the above in a stress-reduction process called embodiment. Through listening, meditation, self-reflection and art, participants learn to release the feelings and thoughts that cause a variety of bodily ailments and help restore harmony to our mind-body-spirit self. Restoring harmony ensures that we bring the best of ourselves into the workplace.

Note: No prior experience is necessary. Have your own paint/colors and canvas/paper on hand. All other material will be provided.

Learning Outcomes

• Gain a deeper understanding of self-regulation and how it impacts the workplace
• Learn new embodiment practices for stress reduction at work
• Build social-emotional competency toward empathy and cultural awareness in the workplace

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