35th Annual Conference

March 27-29, 2023


Connecting ERGs with Early-Career Candidates

20-minute Trend Talk

Day 2

Session Code: TT4-A
When: April 6, 2022
Level: Intermediate
Track: DEI Strategy
Presenter: Michele Aymold, Parker Dewey


Last year, we spoke on the need for more alternative pathways for today’s college students. This year, we’re showing you one way to put it into practice. Your employee resource groups help existing employees find connections, but they can also attract candidates and boost employee engagement—we’ll show you how!

By connecting existing employees from across your organization with highly motivated college students and recent graduates for short-term projects (we call them micro-internships), you can create more authentic connections between diverse, early-career candidates, while supporting your existing teams in getting more done.

Learning Outcomes

• Connect ERGs with recruiting outcomes to help ensure your diversity initiatives drive innovation
• Create more accessible pathways for today’s diverse early-career candidates in need of flexibility
• Engage current employees to facilitate building authentic connections within their community

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