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March 27-29, 2023
35th Annual Conference | In-Person & Virtual Event

Combining Forces(X): Fueling our Collective Capacity for Change

By combining forces, we can multiply our efforts and the probability of positive change.

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Excitement is building at The Forum as we finalize guest speakers, new Forum conference features, and – of course – showcase some of the world’s top DEI thought leaders through our highly anticipated General Sessions and Keynote Speakers.

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About this Year’s Conference

Developing Our Conference Theme

Each year, through research and analysis, we – The Forum – identify current and emerging trends across the global business landscape. After rounds of vetting and re-tooling, a conference theme is determined.

What’s the Purpose of a Conference Theme?

The conference theme is the guiding source for all of the content and programing during the conference year – both identifying current and emerging trends as well as pushing new conversations and thinking in the DEI space. Hours, days, and months were spent in researching and creating the conference theme.

2023 Conference Theme – Combining Forces(X): Fueling Our Collective Capacity for Change

By combining forces, we can multiply our efforts and the probability of positive change.

Our flagship event, the annual conference, is our premier learning opportunity at the cutting-edge of the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) landscape.


The annual conference is HRCI and SHRM Continuing Education Credit (CEU) eligible.

Combining Forces(X)

Our work today requires knowledgeable and responsive management of the constantly changing forces working with and against us. Internal forces such as people, purpose, practice, and process are met with external forces such as planet health, political conflict, progressive technology, and a perilous economy. Our ability to position our people to perform in the context of these forces can either propel or prohibit positive momentum.

The promise of an equitable future relies on unyielding individual integrity and forceful collective efforts in our work to prioritize accessibility, diversity, inclusion, and social justice. By creating spaciousness that boosts morale and incentivizes performance, leveraging integral relationships, combining resources for increased energies, and building bandwidth around shared purpose we multiply our efforts and the probability of positive change.

Dictionary Definitions of “combining forces”:

  • Working together to be more powerful; joining forces to do something significant
  • Acting in the same direction and combining to make a bigger force
  • Two or more forces acting on an object in the same direction resulting in a net force equal to the sum of the forces that is stronger than each individual force alone

ACTIONABLE Examples of Combining Forces (include but are not limited to):

  • Intertwining Intellect
  • Consolidating Vision
  • Aggregating Resources
  • Concerting Advocacy
  • Leveraging Influence

What Else Does the Forum Do?

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® – or The Forum for short – operates as an organization offering a wide variety of events, programs, and resources in addition to our flagship event – the annual conference. So who is The Forum, and what else does The Forum do? Click to find out more!

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Align your brand with the best in the industry! Expand your commitment, influence, and visibility to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Our collective impact sponsorship model engages people and organizations both globally and locally. The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® is a year-round hub to align and engage before, during, and after the annual conference – with active financial and advisory support for our collaborative work.

Who Attends the Annual Conference?

Below is a breakdown of who attended our 2022 annual conference: Solving For X.

People Involved


Top Race/Ethnicity

African American





Top Generation

Baby Boomer (1946 – 1964)

Generation X (1965 – 1979)

Millennial/Generation Y (1980-1996)

Gen Z (1997 – 2012)

Top Industries








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Vice President








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The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® annual conference is the nation’s largest workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) conference designed for a national & global audience.

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