35th Annual Conference

March 27-29, 2023


Leadership Development for Mid-Level Women Managers: Often Overlooked but Eager to Contribute More

60-minute Workshop

Day 1

Session Code: S2-D
When: March 27, 2023
Level: Intermediate
Track: Diversity Leadership
Presenter: Dr. Rita Webster, WiseLeader


In this workshop, this presenter will share insights from her experience doing leadership development cohorts for mid-level women managers that she designed and launched at the beginning of the pandemic. This human realized that the skills and tools she was using when coaching executive women leaders would also be beneficial to mid-level women leaders if they had access to the information.

Her PhD dissertation was a case study involving a cohort leadership program, so she already had the cohort learning model in place. She launched the Mid-Level Women Managers Cohort series and discovered an eagerness and enthusiasm for learning and growing among women managers working in the middle of all types of organizations and industries. When she asked executives what they were doing to develop their mid-level women managers, she often got blank looks and comments such as, “We are not developing them — and we should be.”

Come to this session a find out what happens when mid-level women managers have access to leadership development training that is curriculum based, builds skills that can be immediately applied, has practical tools, increases confidence, and provides the support of an executive coach and peers in similar situations. Promotions, candid conversations, delegating, negotiating, taking charge of careers, working on bigger projects, and focusing on strategic priorities are all results of the training these women and their organizations enjoy.

Learning Outcomes:

• Recognize key challenges that mid-level women leaders who want to advance in their careers face
• Identify outcomes women can expect from learning how to take charge of their career, implement strategy, and lead change
• List at least three reasons from the research as to why developing mid-level women managers makes good business sense

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