Postponed: Collectively Healing: Breaking the Cycle of White Supremacy

Level: Intermediate
Track: Social Responsibility
Presenter: Donte Curtis, Catch Your Dream Consulting


donte curtis

Have you ever felt like I know WHAT to do around DEIA, But I don’t know HOW to go about actually doing it? This highly interactive workshop invites you to explore how white supremacy CULTURE is showing up in you, how it is harming you (and others) and how we can heal from it. We will go past the surface level of thinking about WHAT to change about our actions and actually get to the harder question around HOW to change your actions/habits. This workshop experience is sure to leave you feeling energized, taking practical action and finding hope —  both personally and professionally

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn about the Cycle of Socialization and reflect deeply on how white supremacy is showing up in your life.
  • Identify bias and quickly learn about the science of habit change/how to replace bad habits.
  • Harness your power and influence within the system of your organization and look for ways to break the cycle of white supremacy.


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