Brandon Peele

Brandon Peele

CEO and Author of "Purpose Work Nation"

Company: Unity Lab
Role: Session Presenter

Diversity Insights Breakfast: Purpose and Belonging: Two Key Ingredients for an Inclusive Culture
Post: Forum Digital Short: DEI seems to be everywhere. But could we be missing something?

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Brandon is a Midwesterner, best-selling author, impact entrepreneur and an expert in purpose, leadership + culture change. Prior to founding Unity Lab, he worked at two leading social learning companies, ion and Imperative, to activate empathy, trust, belonging, purpose and leadership at scale.

He’s trusted as a keynote speaker, consultant and program leader by organizations such as Google, Johnson & Johnson, Stanford University, JDRF, Morgan Stanley, U.S. Marine Corps, University of California – Berkeley, LinkedIn, the U.S. Navy, Slalom Consulting, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the University of Minnesota.

He has written / co-written four books on purpose and leadership and his work has been featured by news organizations such as USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, and Forbes.

Brandon holds an MBA in Leadership from Columbia Business School, is an Imperative Certified Purpose Leader (TM) and is a PGI Certified Purpose Guide (TM).


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