Delphine Pruitt


Company: Connect The Dots Consultants
Role: PDL Presenter  /  Session Presenter

Delphine Pruitt is the Principal of Connect The Dots Consultants, a consulting firm that partners with mission-driven organizations to accelerate their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey. As a leader in the field of multiculturalism, Ms. Pruitt ensures equity is a priority in the development of programs and policies. 

Ms. Pruitt’s leadership in multiculturalism has transformed organizations, strengthened client engagements, and generated millions in new revenue.

She served with U.S Congresswoman Maxine Waters as part of a humanitarian delegation to Cuba to improve cultural understanding and business relations. After spending nearly two decades executing diversity strategies and training for customers generating over $60 billion annually in mortgages with Fannie Mae. Ms. Pruitt embarked upon her entrepreneurial journey to further advance an inclusive workforce.

Prior to Fannie Mae, Ms. Pruitt laid the foundation of her success as a Warren Weaver Fellow with the Rockefeller Foundation, where she implemented a $100 million National Community Development Initiative (NCDI) and advanced dialogues on Race.

Certified in Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI®), Ms. Pruitt ranks among 2% of the population at the highest level of competency for those completing the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) tool. She is frequently called upon to speak at conferences. Her thought leadership has advanced racial and economic equity with private, philanthropic, and nonprofit sectors across the country.

Ms. Pruitt is a trailblazer, innovator, and advocate for bridging cultural gaps and transforming organizations. Her efforts continue to have a positive and lasting impact on organizations. As she continues her passion for building a culturally competent workforce coupled with her commitment to economic equity, she is creating environments of inclusion and mutual respect.

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