Dr. Theodora Philip

Dr. Theodora Philip

Owner and CEO

Company: TAP Consultants, LLC
Role: Podcast Presenter

Post: Podcast Ep. 69: How to be an Ally While Also Being Marginalized

Dr. Theodora Philip is the owner and CEO of Tap Consultants, LLC. With over 25 years specializing in business transformations, Dr. Philip’s expertise provides clients with both a guide and road map to navigate the intricacies of corporations, government agencies, small-to-medium sized businesses, and non-profit organizations.

A fourteen-year veteran of civil service, Dr. Philip successfully administered and assessed fiscal activities for $1.7 billion dollars, directed the efforts of a division charged with analyzing the fiscal budgets of 65 government agencies, and provided counsel to the Legislative and Executive branches of governments. Prior to delving into the intricacies of government, Dr. Philip rose through the ranks of the Pepsi Bottling Group, a Fortune 500 company effectuating various management responsibilities to include specializing in mergers and acquisitions; this later evolved into entrepreneurial opportunities.

A transformational leader, who firmly believes in the importance of small business development as a stimulant for local economic growth, Dr. Philip has utilized her expertise and formal training as a degreed and certified business professional to secure millions of federal dollars; assist public and private entities in interpreting guidelines for efficiency in management; reporting; spending; and delivery of KPI’s to meet funding requirements.


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