Jaci Devine

Research & Communication Strategy

Company: The Nova Collective
Role: Podcast Presenter

Post: Podcast Ep. 16 – Strategically Marketing Your DEI and Supplier Diversity Programs

For nearly two decades, Dr. Jaci Devine has been helping companies tell their story and reach their stakeholders with their unique voice. As both a writer and researcher, Jaci is passionate about the written word and understands how to harness that power into measurable results. Jaci specializes in strategic communication and research and measurement within organizations of all sizes. She also brings her passion into the college classroom, teaching business and organizational communication classes. Jaci’s goal is always to help bring people together to develop a shared strategic vision and a roadmap for getting there. As a member of Nova’s Collective, she’s designed Strategic Communications Plans for Fortune 500 Pharma, Tech, and Retail organizations to internally and externally market their DEI and Supplier Diversity programs, building awareness, engagement, and measurable results.

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