Marilyn McLaughlin

Founder and Director

Company: All Bodies Move!
Role: Session Presenter

Marilyn McLaughlin, MFA, CLMA, RSMT, founder of All Bodies Move! brings 30 years of experience in the fields of art and wellness practice as a: Certified Movement Analyst; Registered Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator; Group Drumming Wellness Program Facilitator; University Movement Educator (LMU, Otis College of Art and Design); creator of Drumming Into Stillness™ and All Bodies Dance!™; Certified Personal Trainer–NASM; Senior Fitness Specialist; State Certified Massage Therapist; Certified FallProof! Instructor; and Balance and Mobility Specialist.

As a multidisciplinary arts and wellness specialist providing services for a wide range of populations, the overarching theme in all of her work is the practice and power of presence and the marriage of creative play and mindful awareness that enables people to sustain healthy, conscious, connected, deeply expressive lives.

Marilyn started her academic career teaching movement for actors at Cal State Northridge and later taught movement and acting for digital media artists at Otis College of Art and Design. Since 2008, she has been an adjunct professor at Loyola Marymount University Department of Dance teaching Laban Movement Studies, Composition for Non-Majors, and is a regular guest lecturer and program provider for Yoga MA and Yoga, Mindfulness and Social Change Certificate Programs.

Through her many years in cross-disciplinary teaching, Marilyn has honed her ability to bring people of varied skills, cultures, talents, ages, and perspectives together and facilitate experiences where they embrace change while celebrating unity, diversity, meaning-making, and purpose.

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