Naheed Chowdhry

Founder and CEO

Company: iWill Consulting
Role: Guest Contributor

Post: Why gender-parity policies aren’t working that well

Mindset-shifting global corporate executive, bestselling author, UN Women Taskforce member, accredited coach, improv performer and a proud mother of four.

Naheed’s career spans the US, Asia, Australia, Europe, China, Russia, North Africa and the Middle East in leadership and key consulting roles with global Consumer Goods and Pharmaceutical companies.

A mentor for men and women throughout her career, Naheed has personally experienced the unconscious bias and lack of knowhow that creates the “glass ceiling”. As the founder and CEO of iWill Consulting, the world’s first end- to-end solution for workplace gender disparity, she believes in an inclusive workplace that positively reinforces mindset shifts through a SafeSpace approach – with no blame or judgment. With success stories in the US and Europe, iWill is a summation of these learnings and experiences.

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