Pamela McElvane

Pamela McElvane

CEO and Publisher

Company: Diversity MBA (DMBA, Inc.)
Role: Session Presenter

2022 Conference Session: Inclusive Diversity and Equity in the Healthcare Industry (SL-6)
2022 Conference Session: SkiNy on Diversity Recruiting (TT5-A)

Pamela McElvane, MBA, MA, MCPC, is the CEO and founder of P&L Group, Ltd., which has three key brands headquartered in Chicago, Ill.: Diversity MBA Media, 3I Research Institute, and Diversity Learning Solutions. She has spent more than 25 years working with large and midsize companies providing insights and best practices, leadership and executive coaching, strategy, and organizational management.

Pam’s passion and experience has led her to this point in her career to create a legacy that contributes to supporting leaders and companies that make substantial impact for change. Her blended work of publishing, research, and recognition has fostered a platform for original data-based learning that catapults the disciplines of leadership, diversity and inclusion, and talent management.

Diversity MBA’s key brands position companies to recognize top talent, celebrate diversity leadership, and support thought leaders. Diversity MBA Media publishes three magazines and distributes to 1.95 million print and digital subscribers. Inclusive Leadership Index has surveyed more than 1,350 unique companies across industries and recognized more than 700 companies for the Best Places for Women and Managers of Color to Work, and 78 companies in the 2020 inaugural issue of Diversity Benchmarking Index. Diversity MBA’s Top 100 also recognized 1,400 leaders with advanced degrees for outstanding leadership and service. Diversity Learning Solutions has trained more than 30,000 professionals within the past decade. And Diversity MBA partners and supports more than 30 professional associations and minority businesses.

As of January 2021, Pam hosts the weekly talk show “The Inclusive Voice” on 820AM WCLT. She serves as an expert panelist for Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center, a media expert, is published in numerous publications, and has received many honors for her work. She is also a certified master coach providing board development and executive legacy coaching.

Prior to Pam becoming an entrepreneur, she worked in property and casualty insurance as an executive leading underwriting for personal and commercial lines. She also consolidated operations and customer functions; participated on merger and acquisition teams; and led training, learning, and marketing functions. She participated in insurance think tanks and sat on the board of three state insurance commissions.


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