Shoreé Ingram

Diversity and Outreach Specialist

Company: Hennepin County District Courts (MN)
Role: Session Presenter

A Minnesota native, Shoreé Ingram serves as the Hennepin County District Courts’ first-ever diversity and outreach specialist, leading race equity strategy, coaching and developing leaders, and participating on several project teams and committees to ensure and advance inclusion and equal access to justice.

Shoreé is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, where she received her bachelor’s in journalism and African and African-American studies and returned to complete her master’s in human resource development and adult education.

Since 2013, she has used her strengths as a positive, passionate, and people-centered thinker to lead internal training and development for Hennepin County District Court leaders and employees on topics of diversity and inclusion, and providing excellent service. Shoreé also serves on the board of a nonprofit that helps people achieve homeownership and is a fellow of the 2017 Josie R. Johnson Leadership Academy.

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