Siddiq Patel

Project Consultant, Environmental, Legal and Professional Services

Company: Independent Consultant
Role: Session Presenter

Siddiq Patel is a project consultant with more than a decade of experience co-creating sustainable and inclusive environments, strategizing alongside senior leaders within the environmental, legal and professional services industries. Siddiq has worked as Diversity and Inclusion lead with the Environmental Protection Agency in the UK where he was responsible for developing and embedding the ‘Cumbria and Lancashire Diversity Strategy and Action Plan.’

He has worked as an adviser on strategic resourcing working closely with executive teams and all levels of organizations to help build sustainable partnerships with community groups, schools and higher-education establishments. Siddiq is also one of the founding members of Inclusion Rider, a creative social enterprise which facilitates inclusive learning experiences, designed to create opportunities for young people in underrepresented communities.

Siddiq is passionate about inspiring our future generation of scientists and technologists and has facilitated ‘Reach for the Stars’—an interactive space-education program for primary school children in collaboration with the astrophysics team at one of the most diverse universities in the UK. He has a natural curiosity for diverse teams and how to empower them through learning with local, national and global professional networks. Siddiq has native fluency in English, Hindi, Gujarati and Urdu.

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