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Terryann Nash

Executive Director

Company: NashInspired
Role: Session Presenter

LinkedIn: @TerryannNash

Terryann Nash currently holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in human rights/adult training and development with a minor in American Sign Language studies from Metropolitan State University, an associate degree with a focus in nonprofit business, and a certificate in American Sign Language studies from Saint Paul College. She is currently enrolled at Metropolitan State master’s program (MAPL), studying political leadership and development.

Terryann has more than 20 years of experience working in the human rights field and has studied under the civil rights icon, Dr. James Meredith, for the past 25 years. She has worked with many of the local nonprofits in program coordination and management. She is a sibling of a Deaf adult (SODA) and has worked with the Deaf community extensively (23 years) in the areas of leadership, empowerment, and inclusion. She is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and has used her language and training skills to implement ASL interpreting services and programming for local churches as well as interpretation training for commercial venues that provide services to the ASL community.

In 2017, Terryann launched NashInspired, LLC, created as a platform to assist the ASL community with professional training, development, and exposure with the goal to increase leadership empowerment in the Deaf communities. The ultimate goal of NashInspired is to create a new heightened awareness around the gifts, talents, and skills within the ASL communities and showcase them in a way that bridges new intersections between the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the current workforce industries. Her life mission is to continue to effect change and awareness around the areas of equity and inclusion for the ASL community.

In 2018, Terryann worked in the role of a performance ASL Interpreter. She partnered with performance artists who focused on human equity such as Sweet Honey in the Rock, Sounds of Blackness, and Cantus (vocal ensemble), as well as the ASL specialist for the Twin Cities leg of the PULSE movement held at the U.S. Bank Stadium (May 2018). She is currently working with Ramsey County and SPNN cable network in the creation of inclusive public service announcements with the focus on property equity and community engagement.

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