Zahid Mubarik


Company: The Centre for Global Inclusion
Role: Session Presenter

2022 Conference Session: Global DEI Best Practice (S3-C)

Zahid Mubarik is an internationally acclaimed thinker, writer, speaker, and thought leader on strategic human resource management. He is the CEO of HR Metrics and founder and president of SHRM Forum Pakistan. He has the honor of being the only HR leader from South Asia to become a member of ISO Geneva Technical Committee 260 for Developing Global HR Standards. The Committee is comprised of 11 leading countries, which are USA, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, and Pakistan. In view of his meritorious services, he was appointed as Country Chair HR Standards Committee and representative to ISO TC 260 by Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority.

To institutionalize the HR profession and provide a unified platform to HR professionals, Zahid laid the foundation of the nonprofit National Institute of HRM. He was a speaker at the world’s largest SHRM global conference in Las Vegas in June 2019.

Zahid has a knack for aligning workforce performance optimization and its alignment with organizational strategy through human capital measurement metrics. He served as a global Convener of HR Metrics Standards ISO TC 260 leading 31 countries. He also led Pakistan in ISO HR standards development meetings in Washington, London, Melbourne, Rotterdam, Paris, Singapore, and Bali. During Zahid’s leadership role, ISO published two standards: Impact of Hire Metric ISO-30410 and Quality of Hire Metric ISO-30411. He also contributed to the development of standards including HR Vocabulary ISO-30400, Recruitment ISO-30405, Cost per Hire ISO-30407, Human Governance ISO-30408 and Workforce Planning ISO-30409.

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