Harnessing the Power of Resistance: Transformative Leadership Strategies

When: November 19, 2020
Level: Intermediate
Track: D&I Strategy
Presenters: Dr. Christopher Sansone, Verticle Leadership  |  Maria Velasco, Beyond Inclusion group
Cost: Free

Success in diversity and inclusion initiatives eludes many organizations. Often leaders make the fatal error of avoiding valuable resistance. In this interactive experience, you’ll explore the positive role resistance plays in the implementation of successful diversity and inclusion initiatives. Transformative leaders who know the probable sequence, sources, and variety of fears unique to diversity and inclusion change initiatives can respond proactively through open engagement.

Techniques for identifying sources of resistance and counteractive strategies offered are grounded in research done by the presenters, which was published in the “Organization Development Journal,” Fall 2019.

  • Invite and address unique kinds of fears
  • Identifying and working with passive (covert) forms of resistance
  • Using dialogue for engagement
  • Education as a tool for change sponsors
  • Forming alliances to push an agenda forward


External Sites

Beyond Inclusion Group
Verticle Leadership

Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding the role of resistance in diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Recognizing resistance and how it can thwart or be openly engaged to support change
  • Learning leadership strategies to engage resistance as a positive force for diversity, equity, and inclusion change initiatives
Additional Files
Forum Beyond Inclusion Group - Download
Resistance_OD Journal_Velasco & Sansonet - Download

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