The Power of Standing For

Main Stage General Sessions

Day 3

When: April 18, 2019
Location/Room: Exhibit Hall B
Presenter: Brittany J. Harris, The Winters Group, Inc.


In today’s society, we’re experiencing and seeing in our news cycles polarization, anger, defensiveness, and fear. We feel our individual security is threatened. Some of those threats are real, and some of them are imagined. At every turn, we think that we need to protect ourselves – from other people, from politicians, from our environment, and from whatever else is distressing us. It’s hard not to get caught up in it. We spend so much time fighting against things that we can be left feeling overloaded and exhausted. But when we feel threatened to our very cores, what is the alternative? Standing for.

It’s a subtle, but powerful shift. For example:

  • Fighting against hate… Or standing for love
  • Fighting against discrimination…. Or standing for equity
  • Fighting against immigration bans… Or standing for human dignity


This session, will use science and emotional intelligence research to support participants in making the shift from “standing against” to “standing for” as a way to move the needle forward in engaging with ourselves, our organizations, and our communities in bold and inclusive ways. Once we know what we’re standing for, rather than what we’re fighting against, we have a better chance of facilitating sustainable transformation and closing the gaps of inequity.

Learning Objectives
  • Connect to your heart to navigate negative emotions
  • Articulate what you stand for
  • Improve resiliency and impact of your work towards transformation and equity



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Photos by Sarah Morreim Photography
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