2021 Conference: Workplace Revolution

2021 Conference: Workplace Revolution


5 Days | March 8 – 12, 2021




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About this Year’s Conference

Developing Our Conference Theme

Each year, through research and analysis, we – The Forum – identify current and emerging trends across the global business landscape. After rounds of vetting and re-tooling, a conference theme is determined. From the conference theme, four Learning Pillars are created to help bring the conference theme to life. 

What’s the Purpose of a Conference Theme?

The conference theme is the guiding source for all of the content and programing during the conference year – both identifying current and emerging trends as well as pushing new conversations and thinking in the DEI space. Hours, days, and months were spent in researching and creating the conference theme and Learning Pillars. We encourage everyone to utilize them in your own workplace or where you find value either before, during, or after the conference.

2021 Conference Theme – Workplace Revolution: From Talk to Collective Action

The pandemic CoVID-19 health crisis has disrupted and upended the way we work. People in all corners of the globe long for human connection but are charged with quickly navigating a digital, distanced work environment. Social protests centering around racism and the unjust deaths of African Americans at the hands of the police have pulled the cover off overwhelming disparities in healthcare, economics, education, housing, public safety, and more.

Interpersonal tensions are roused and there is a vocal demand for systems change to promote a more equitable society across the US and the world. What will it take to start a workplace revolution that moves us from talk to action?

The Learning Pillars

Dismantling Systemic Racism

What must be done to eradicate systems, structures, procedures, and processes that disadvantage black, indigenous, and people of color?

Equitable Development and Advancement of People:

How can we ensure fair practice and equitable opportunities for marginalized people to develop their talents and advance toward greater success in our workplaces?

Building Active Allyships

In order to walk the talk, how can we build strong allyships that support and center black, indigenous and people of color in our work?

Re-invention during Disruption

In the midst of survival mode and navigating a new normal, what bold new opportunities can we seize to advance equity?

Our flagship event, the annual conference, is our premier learning opportunity at the cutting-edge of the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) landscape.


The annual conference is HRCI and SHRM Continuing Education Credit (CEU) eligible.

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