33rd Annual Conference

March 8-12, 2021


The Power of Understanding Intercultural Pedagogy for Institutional Change

75-minute Workshops

Day 4

Session Code: S7-C
When: March 11, 2021
Level: Advanced
Track: DEI Strategy
Presenters: Phyllis Braxton, PINK Consulting, LLC  |  Janet Gracia, Girl Scouts River Valleys
Prerequisite: Experienced DEI practitioner; Advanced understanding of system’s change; Leader of a culturally diverse organization/project; Read prework articles


Diversity, equity, and inclusion programs have gone too long without applying a developmental approach. That is exactly why the right thing to do is usually the first thing to go when resources get low. When you know better; you do better. Understanding how people in organizations are responding to our current racial and political unrest is imperative to successful DEI initiatives. Using the Intercultural Developmental Continuum (IDC) as the approach and the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) as the psychometric, valid, and reliable assessment tool, institutions can learn how to attract, recruit, support, and retain their traditionally marginalized clients, staff, families, and educators.

Participants will leave this workshop with a higher level of understanding about the Intercultural Development Continuum; a clear description of what stage their institution may be in; and a developmentally appropriate prescription for the key skills needed to engage, support, and challenge the status quo in order to promote institutional change.

Learning Outcomes

• Increased understanding of intercultural organizational development
• Increased understanding of the Intercultural Development Continuum
• Increased understanding of the Intercultural Conflict Inventory

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