35th Annual Conference

March 27-29, 2023


Reimagining Our Impact: Measuring Equity and Justice for Collective Accountability

20-minute Trend Talk

Day 3

Session Code: TT5-C
When: April 7, 2022
Level: Intermediate
Track: Social Responsibility
Presenter: Thamara Subramanian, The Winters Group, Inc.
Prerequisite: Knowledge of foundational diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts


Whether you’ve just begun thinking about crafting a DEIJ strategy or are well into implementing a company program, people want to see the progress, the results. Quite often this comes in terms of numerical reports; reaching benchmarks that don’t center those most impacted to truly get a sense of who and how we are receiving the benefit; who is being harmed and how we can mitigate this; and ultimately, how we can measure the shift of power at our organizations to be more equitable.

We will walk through a justice-centered framework for creating accountability measures for equitable cultural change and you’ll have the opportunity to practice creating justice-centered metrics for one of your organizational goals.

Learning Outcomes

• Reimagine what success and impact means at your organization through measuring equity and justice
• Identify key questions and considerations for creating justice-centered measures of accountability
• Apply a justice-centered approach to create new measures of accountability for one of your own goals

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