Podcast Ep. 23 – Culture Clash Conversation: Q&A with Andrés Tapia of Korn Ferry

Dec 16, 2019

In this special bonus episode of The Forum Podcast, Andrés Tapia (Korn Ferry) answers questions from listeners that attended his popular webinar Culture Clash: Can Latino Culture Identity and Corporate Culture Be Reconciled?

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Andrés Tapia answers the following questions:

  • How do you think we can move the needle on representation of Latinos and POC in leadership roles in corporate America?
  • What are the biggest cultural differences that might be getting in the way of Latinx talent to reach leadership and the highest echelons? 
  • How can Corporations address both organizational structural (systemic) and human biases that negatively impact Latinos.
  • As an employee, what is the best way to bring up cultural differences to senior leadership?
  • Where do Latinos fit in current corporate America if they want to stay authentic, and enter positions of power via elections, if we can’t even get a foot in the door?
  • Peruvian author Maria Arana mentions that we are not Latinos or Hispanics until be move to the US – otherwise we are from our country of origin – could you give your view?
  • When doing translations – which version of Spanish should be used for US audiences?
  • How can Latinos from so many different cultures unite and overcome our own unconscious bias against each other?
About Andrés Tapia (Korn Ferry)

Throughout Europe, Asia, North America, and his native Latin America, Mr. Tapia has served clients in shaping their enterprise-wide diversity and inclusion business cases and strategies across industries—including financial, technology, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, government, not-for-profits, and education—with dozens of Global 500 organizations as well as non-US multinationals in Brazil, South Korea, and India. Learn more about Andrés Tapia here.

This Podcast is a follow up to our October 24, 2019 webinar, Culture Clash: Can Latino Culture Identity and Corporate Culture Be Reconciled?

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