In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Sarah McNally (TransForm Corporation) explores how your personal brand is not simply how you perceive yourself or what you say about yourself, but rather how others perceive you in all aspects of your life.

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Whether an individual is looking for advancement as a leader, how to deliver on their goals more consistently, insights into communicating more effectively or creating a mindset that supports emotional and physical wellbeing in their lives, understanding how they are perceived compared to how they want to be perceived is a powerful tool in influencing the life they want to create.

There are so many things in life outside of someone’s control. Weather, life events, technology breakdowns and, of course, People!
But what is in everyone’s control is their level of self-awareness and their perception of the world.

The more someone understands how they show up, how their actions and behaviors create impressions that “brand” them, the more influence they have in creating the desired results for their lives. In this Podcast, Sarah McNally is be led in a Q &A by Ingrid Sabah (Ovative Group) and provides the following outcomes.

Learning Outcomes
  • How Strong Personal Brands are built. Hint: Not by our intentions but by our ACTIONS!
  • Why you would want to build a Strong personal brand and what gets in the way.
  • Fundamentally, Sarah will ask you to think about “What is it like to be in a relationship with me?”

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