Podcast Ep. 39 – Inclusive Event Design: The Differences that Make a Difference

Jul 7, 2020

In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Ryan Kroening (Events by Lady K) shares the why, what, and how around creating inclusive events.

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We all move through the world using our experiences to guide us, which are heavily informed by our identities. So when we plan an event, we often rely on things we would like! But what about planning events for people who AREN’T just like me? We don’t know how to meet their needs, or support their experience as best we can, unless we ASK!

From the space to food and beverage, registration and event navigation, to speakers, programming and décor, every aspect of planning impacts how attendees experience and engage with your event. Whether a conference, a workshop, a board retreat, or a family celebration, there are ways to structure the event where every attendee can feel welcomed, celebrated, and included. We will be discussing WHY this matters; WHAT we can do for ourselves and in our organizations to support this work; and HOW to begin making it happen!

Join this conversation with Events by Lady K founder & president Ryan Kroening, who will share some big-picture thinking with practical how-to processes to support you in your journey of creating more inclusive and equitable events!

Learning Outcomes
  • Describe the philosophy behind creating inclusive and equitable events and why it is important;
  • Delve into several examples of these big-picture concepts and how they apply to real-life scenarios;
  • Provide several how-to processes to implement in the next event attendees may be planning – whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid.


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