Dr. David Campt


Company: The Dialogue Company
Role: Session Presenter

2022 Conference Session: Leadership as Allyship: Why Your Leaders Must Be Allies to Be Effective (SL-4)

With more than 25 years of professional experience, Dr. David Campt is considered a national expert in the areas of inclusion and equity, cultural competence, intergroup dialogue, and civic engagement. The founder of The Dialogue Company, his insights about the keys to more inclusive and effective institutions and communities have been sought by small executive boards of fewer than a dozen to large-scale summits involving thousands of people.

Recently, David created the White Ally Toolkit and a companion project, The Ally Conversation Toolkit, focused on helping allies have more productive conversations with folks who are skeptical about the realities of -isms and the need for equity.

His unique approach has been featured in national media including, memorably, two sketches featuring him and his work on “The Daily Show” with Trevor Noah.

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