Mythily Mahadevan

Founder and CEO

Company: LEAN n’ Diversity LLC
Role: Session Presenter

2022 Conference Session: Using LEAN Principles to Solve for Inequity in a World of Unknowns (S6-C)

Mythily Mahadevan is founder and CEO of LEAN n’ Diversity LLC, focusing on driving a sustainable culture of excellence through the application of LEAN leadership principles to transform organizations. She builds capabilities in organizations by coaching and promoting the right leadership and cultural behaviors along with developing an experimental mindset in employees.

Her 30-plus years of consulting and management experience includes working in different industries (healthcare, energy, finance, textiles) and in shared services (lean leadership/performance excellence, operational performance, clinical processes, supply chain management and finance).

In her prior role at Trinity Health, a national healthcare organization, she was responsible for developing and deploying the organization’s transformative approach using the Leadership System.

Having lived and worked in six countries across four continents, Mythily leverages her personal and professional diverse experiences and weaves the threads of inclusion to unleash the power of people to drive operational excellence.

Mythily’s passion to strengthen and nurture relationships coupled with her systems thinking makes her successful in transforming organizations by focusing on a culture of ‘respect for people’ and ‘continuous improvement.’

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