Prachi Rastogi

D&I Leader, IBM-APAC

Company: Avtar Group
Role: Session Presenter

2022 Conference Session: Empowering ERG Leaders to Lead with Purpose and Impact (S5-C)

Prachi Rastogi is the D&I leader for IBM-APAC with Avtar Group. She has experience in human resources across healthcare, ITes, private equity, and technology industries. Her current role involves ensuring gender balance at executive roles, inclusion of the LGBT+ community, and an accessible environment for people with disabilities. She is responsible to create a climate that fosters respect for differences, stimulates innovation, encourages collaboration, and allows employees to work productively in a culturally diverse environment.

Apart from her day job, Prachi facilitates mindfulness sessions in the corporate world and educational institutes. She believes that collaboration amongst humans and increased awareness is what will help us survive and succeed in the coming times.

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