When Emotions, Conflict and Bias Collide in Patient Care

When: October 19, 2023
Level: Introductory
Track: Healthcare
Presenters: Tahitia Timmons, Conscious By Us  |  Lori Tarke, Saint Elizabeth University

The speakers will discuss the relationship implicit bias and emotions have on healthcare providers’ patient care and the implications for addressing health disparities.

Implicit bias against marginalized groups has been shown in the literature to impact communication or the care offered by providers. Healthcare providers may misread emotional responses and misinterpret or miss micro-expressions displayed by marginalized patients. Both speakers will review how healthcare providers can recognize their biases and utilize different conflict styles to advocate for patients and address known and unknown health disparities.

Learning Outcomes
  • State the relationship between implicit bias and emotion
  • Integrate conflict styles, bias, and emotion with reactions to micro-expressions
  • Describe how micro-expressions impact patient care and how it contributes to health disparities


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Photos by Sarah Morreim Photography
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