35th Annual Conference

March 27-29, 2023


Global DEI: Moving Out of My Own Backyard

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Day 3

Session Code: G-1
When: April 7, 2022
Level: Intermediate
Track: Global DEI
Presenters: Dr. Nadine Binder, Nadine Binder | Training & Coaching  |  Lynda White, The Centre for Global Inclusion  |  Dr. Sudeep Mohandas, The Centre for Global Inclusion


The goal of this global session is to provide an opportunity for participants to bring their own topics to engage in a discussion with colleagues also seeking to expand their knowledge about global issues for DEI practitioners. Through discussions and learning from each other, we will build the opportunities to recognize transferable efforts—those that work in one environment and might well be transferable to our own practice, supporting good and sustainable DEI work.

We will use a facilitated process to enable participants to create and manage the agenda themselves.

Topic examples could include:

  • DEI customization for different cultures and/or countries to support your work
  • Consideration of different metrics/accountabilities in multiple environments
  • Adaption of global learning interventions

These are only potential examples of topics that we hear people frequently speak of as they address their global goals. Bring your own ideas and challenges for which you might welcome a discussion with colleagues and fellow practitioners.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn and understand the work of DEI beyond our own paradigms
  • Build awareness for commonalities and differences in DEI discussions/practices around the globe
  • Recognize transferable examples, tactics, and processes—from one practice or area of the globe to another

Global DEI: Moving Out of My Own Backyard
Presenters: Nadine Binder, Sudeep Mohandas, Lynda White

7:00-7:05 Welcome, Lynda White
7:05-7:15 Context Setting, Sudeep Mohandas
7:15-7:45 Word Cloud/Open Space Technology, Nadine Binder
7:45-8:25 First Break Out
8:25-8:40 Report Out
8:40-8:50 Break
8:50-9:30 Second Break Out
9:30-9:45 Report Out
9:45-9:55 Wrap Up & Adjourn

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