Podcast Ep. 17 – A Bridge Between Whiteness and Belonging

Sep 23, 2019

In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Dr. Jacqueline Battalora, Ph.D., J.D, offers a foundation of understanding around the nuanced account of the invention of the human category “white” in law.

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The session begins with an accessible and nuanced account of the invention of the human category “white” in law. People with low levels of melanin in the skin pre-existed the invention but they did not conceived of themselves as white nor is there a single reference in law to them as whites.

This session offers a foundation of understanding that will bring us together through shared knowledge rooted in law and history. The foundation provides a solid base of understanding from which so much that plagues advances in workplace D&I can be seen and then challenged – allowing us to dismantle the walls that divide us or construct a bridge over them.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn a piece of U.S. history central to a human division that is a barrier to D&I in the workplace
  • Understand both conceptually and with concrete historical evidence that race is a social construct
  • Draw links between the legal-historical foundation and practices within the work

Presenters: Dr. Jacqueline Battalora, Ph.D., J.D

More resources by Dr. Battalora available at jbattalora.com.

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