Podcast Ep. 81: Fostering Women Leaders: Learnings From a Tibetan Leadership Development Context

Nov 23, 2021

In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Tenzin Nordon (Tibetan Community Leader) will address how individuals and organizations can foster women’s leadership by applying learnings from her research in the Tibetan community.

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Fostering women’s leadership is a story of inclusion. During this podcast, Tenzin Nordon, a researcher and community leader, will share her research on fostering Tibetan Women Leaders of tomorrow. Her research details the leadership challenges 6 Tibetan women leaders faced in their leadership journeys and the strategies individuals and organizations can use to foster Tibetan women’s leadership. Learnings from this case study shed light on how individual women can cultivate their leadership and how organizations can create environments for women leaders and other marginalized populations to thrive in. ”

Learning Outcomes
  • To understand the leadership development context Tibetan women leaders face
  • To understand the components of the individual and organizational leadership development plans

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