Sharon Hart

Sharon Hart

Executive Coach

Company: Inclusive Space
Role: Session Presenter  /  Webinar Presenter

2022 Conference Session: Is Women’s Leadership at a Crossroads? (S5-B)
Webinar: Hybrid Working: Develop a Powerful Vision that Works

Sharon Hart has been a Certified Coach (CPCC) since 2008 and is passionate about helping her clients identify short- and long-term strategic goals and align their actions with them. Currently an executive coach at Talking Talent, she is a catalyst for business growth from the inside out, utilizing an intuitive, authentic coaching style and proven techniques. Sharon has a unique mix of business development, client relations management, and entrepreneurship.

She has a diverse set of skills and breadth of experience. After managing her own successful coaching practice on the East Coast, Sharon returned home to Los Angeles and managed a nearly 4-million-dollar client portfolio across diverse industries including finance, legal, entertainment, healthcare, biotech, and high tech. She also provided internal corporate coaching to “rising stars” within her organization, delivered 360 feedback and liaised between client and management.


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