White Fragility and Microagressions In the Workplace: When Good People Behave Badly

Apr 28, 2020

Presenter: Rebecca Slaby, AMAZEworks

Often, good intentions receive more attention than the negative impacts they may produce. In the same way white superiority created the systems and structures we have in place, it also created the ability for the people who benefit overlook the effects on those who are marginalized or injured. When confronted with these truths, the reactions of many if not most white Americans fall under the category of white fragility. This is an intense focus on the feelings of white people when their understanding of themselves and their world is challenged.

White fragility feeds on the fact that white people generally do not see themselves in racial terms and therefore are not affected by racism. It also works through a simplistic understanding of racism and a belief that white people are generally objective and free of bias. This webinar highlights the ways white fragility appear in the workplace and how it can be addressed for individual and organizational growth.

Learning Outcomes
  • Gain an understanding of where white fragility comes from
  • Explore examples of how it appears in equity work and in the workplace
  • Examine strategies that address white fragility and create buy-in
Handouts & Resources

White Fragility and Microaggressions – Forum on Workplace Inclusion April 2020 – Download
Examples of Racial Microaggressions AMAZEworks – Download
Detour spotting for white anti racists – Download
Responding to microaggressions and bias – Download

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